The RHYC was established in 1937 to promote use of the Chesapeake Bay / Chester River and enjoyment of the surrounding environment. Safe and effective use of our shoreline is a critical to continue our mission.

The main goal of the Rock Hall Yacht Club is to promote a sense of community and enjoyment in, on, and around the water.

Preamble from Bylaws: promote and develop sailing, other boating, and diverse social activities for the enjoyment of members, their families and guests while continuing to contribute to the larger Chesapeake Bay community

We need to carry on operations / prepare for the next 80 years:

Continue our mission

Safe boating / slips

More regattas

Cleaner water / more wildlife

Continue RHYCSS

Attract more members

Along our shoreline (Spring 2017)

Our bulkhead is disintegrating – it’s 50+ years old

Our boat ramp is unsafe and unusable

We are losing over 1 foot per year of shoreline property and trees

Areas of unsafe conditions

Long fetch from SSW produces a high energy environment – wind and waves battering our shoreline

Bulkhead and dock evaluation by Marine Technologies, Inc in 2013 found bulkhead “in a state of advanced decay and is in need of full replacement”

Shoreline assessment in Spring 2016 prioritized unsafe issues and put “bandaids” on

Waterfront Committee formed Fall 2016

Stockholders briefed Nov 2016 and consensus reached that waterfront needs near term attention – capital investment

Waterfront committee has worked with numerous govt agencies, marine contractors and consultants to assess the shoreline, develop options, and evaluate alternatives. Shoreline Management Plan developed & adopted as management tool.

Recommendation is comprehensive Shoreline restoration, preservation and ongoing management – a holistic approach.

4 Phase approach to be implemented the next 3-5 years, or as funding is available. The SMP is a living document to be updated as necessary and approved by the Board of Directors.

Timing   Item                                                               Cost ($K)             Rationale

2017      Replace S. Bulkhead and Boat Ramp          $110                    bulkhead in danger of collapse, current ramp closed
2018      Enhanced Pier / reconfigure Boat Slips        $167                    energy attenuation and “marina” safety
2019      NE Cove Living shoreline                             $  26                     stop property loss and ongoing erosion, grant possible
2019      Kayak area & Beach cove                            $  27                     protect wetlands, facilitate kayak launch

TOTAL expenditure                                                      $330

Stockholders approved the SMP in March 2017 which allowed initiation of plan and proposed phases as funds are identified.

Waterfront Committee’s next main focus: Funding – we need it to proceed with the plan

December 2017 status:

Contractor selected: M&M Marine Construction (Stevensville, MD)

Federal and State, and County permits / authorization received for Phase 1

Work expected to commence on bulkhead replacement and new boat ramp construction this winter 2018

Buy-A-Brick campaign is underway, need more bricks!

‘Fund the Future’ campaign is starting

RHYCSS has been awarded Community Engagement mini-grant of $4,000 from Chesapeake Bay Trust to preserve Non-Tidal wetlands

May 2018 status

Phase 1 completed as possible. The new boat ramp is installed. The entire bulkhead was not replaced, due to lack of funds.

Over 2000 native wetland plants were introduced to the RHYC bulkhead by RHYCSS, Radcliffe Creek School. See video here.

October 2019

Floating dock re-decking project underway. Spring 2020 planned completion

Phase completion is dependent on donations / gifts / grants and volunteers

Buy a Brick RHYC

We are planning to lay the 2nd section of bricks in the pathway between the pool and deck this coming Spring 2020 – but WE NEED YOU TO ORDER a commemorative brick!

Bricks are available for purchase online: We have a number of bricks on order now and need more to make the order complete. All proceeds from brick purchases are directed to the RHYC Shoreline and waterfront improvements. Please order yours today! Thanks!

Please contact with any questions!


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