History of RHYC

The club was born in 1937 and has shared a rich history of sailing, boating, social events and inter-club activities on the Chesapeake Bay. Our traditions continue each year on the water and on land. If you have historical photos. stories, anecdotes, we’d be interested in meeting with you and archiving that information to share. Please email or call the RHYC at 410-639-2182 if you have historical artifacts to share or discuss.

The written history from the club’s conception in the 1930s to 2000 as well as photos and newspaper articles from clippings are presented here courtesy of Mrs. Patsy Reihl.

Written history of the Rock Hall Yacht Club 1937-2000 “Times to Remember”

Historical photographs of the Rock Hall Yacht Club

Historical News clippings about the Rock Hall Yacht Club

The original Bylaws as approved in 1939 can be found here:

Constitution and By-Laws of the Rock Hall Yacht Club

The core articles of the club’s incorporation and amendments can be found below:


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