RHYC Flooring

As we are all aware, the carpet in our RHYC club house desperately needs to be replaced. It has served us well, but its heavy wear and many stains bear the evidence of years of good times.

Unfortunately, our current budget does not cover this improvement. Our dues have not increased for quite a while, so maintenance items must be funded by other means.

Our club is being enjoyed by members year-round, and we want to have a nice clean appearance to continue that in 2019 and beyond. We continue to book weddings, baby showers, memorial celebrations, and anniversary parties for 2019, which helps generate revenue for the club and keep our dues low. It would be wonderful if this improvement could be made before the season starts.

A couple of members have told the Board of Directors that they would donate some money towards the cost of new flooring. We appreciate their generosity! We would like to open this idea to all of our members. Any donation that you could make to our “flooring” fund would be greatly appreciated. If you choose to do so, just make a check out to Rock Hall Yacht Club and make a note of “flooring fund” in the bottom left corner or click the button below to donate via credit card to the flooring fund.

Thank you in advance for considering donating to OUR clubhouse improvement!